17-year old teen dies from stabbing, twin brother in custody

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The Coulee City community woke up Sunday morning to the shocking news of a homicide that had happened early in the morning.

Grant County Sheriff’s Spokesperson Kyle Foreman says deputies were called to a home at around 2:30 AM, where they found a 17-year old boy suffering from stab wounds. He died after being taken to the hospital. His twin brother is in custody in connection with the death.

“Coulee City is a very tight-knit community, with less than 600 people who live here,” Foreman said. “Not only is the family grieving right now, we know the community is, also. What our hope is, is that the community and the family rally around each other to provide support so everyone can get through this and have a better understanding of what happened.”

Foreman says there were a number of people who were at the home in the 300 block of West Washington Street when the stabbing occurred, though investigators are still trying to piece together who all was there, and why.

An autopsy will be scheduled by Grant County Coroner Craig Morrison.

The victim’s twin brother was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and domestic assault.