CH2M Hill responds to PFP stop work order

The company overseeing the work at the Plutonium Finishing Plant says they fully support the right to issue a stop work order, according to a letter sent to employees.

The President of CH2M Hill Ty Blackford sent out a letter August 11, a day after the Hanford Atomic Metals Trades Council (HAMTC) issued a stop work order at the Plutonium Finishing Plant.

He said they are working with HAMTC leadership and the plan going forward includes increasing the size of the area with the highest potential for exposure to radioactive substances, as well as, require employees to stay in that area no longer than necessary to get their work done.

Blackford says that plan will impact project teams and their goals but says it is important that everyone remains safe and that is the top priority. He says the final demolition preparation activities in and around the facility will continue to make sure the buildings are ready for the final demolition.

The stop work order came after an incident earlier this week where six Hanford workers at the PFP smelled odors while repacking a waste drum.