Hydroplanes arriving to the Tri-Cities

The largest contingent of boats on the unlimited circuit this year will be in the Tri-Cities this weekend.

A few hydroplanes though are already here and have started popping up around town.

Kathy Powell with Water Follies says all total ten “hydros” will be in town for the big weekend.

“I know Ed Cooper is in town with his piston-powered boat, and I think it is available to be seen at Griggs and Ace Hardware. Erik Ellstrom will be an appearance here and racing his Miss Elam [Plus] boat,” says Powells.

Powell says several vintage boats will also be on display in Columbia park for the racing.

“The Thrift Way and Miguel Five they haven’t raced together in 55 years, so it is pretty significant to have those two out on the water,” says Powell.