Kadlec hospital placed into lockdown following gun threat

Kadlec Regional Medical Center was put into a lockdown for a few hours Thursday afternoon as a precaution after a threat was sent to an employee.

Richland police Captain Mike Cobb says they received a report that someone had stated possibly in an e-mail, they were going to bring a gun to the hospital due to a dispute over a bill. Cobb says they are still working to confirm how the message was received.

During an initial investigation, officers believed the suspect was an Oregon resident and Hermiston police were also involved in the investigation.

Kadlec’s Richland hospital was placed into a lockdown, police also went to the Healthplex off Lee and the HR building on the CBC campus. At the hospital, a lockdown means posting police at all entrances and exits and patients were screened before entering the hospital. Officers say no one was denied medical care.

“Trying to confirm the identity of the suspect, that is something that will take a little bit of time, meeting with Kadlec staff and also we haven’t even interview the subject. Ascertaining exactly what his intent was when the message was sent is going to be part of our investigation too,” says Cobb.

Cobb says at no time was anyone in immediate danger. Christ the King also went into a non-critical lockdown on its own accord. In a statement the school said it was due to lockdown at Kadlec Medical Center.