Need a ride? How to get to the Tri-City Water Follies

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There is not a plane or train, but your automobile, Uber or a bus can get you to the Tri-City Water Follies this year.

Depending on which side of the river you want to watch the races, you’ll encounter some differences in parking. Event Director Kathy Powell says on the Pasco side of the river there is limited lots due to most the property being owned by community members. There is a parking lot off Sylvester Street, you’ll want to look for official Water Follies parking signs. Parking is free on Friday, $5.00 on Saturday and $10 on Sunday per car. Each time a person leaves, you will be recharged for parking if you return.

Other homeowners will have lots open but they will decide their own prices.

On the Kennewick side parking is available throughout the park. Powell recommends parking on the west side where there will be less crowds, you can also take a small train run by Kiwanis which will drop people off closer to the entrance. Parking costs $5.00 on Friday and Saturday and $10.00 on Sunday per car, again if you leave, you will be recharged for parking if you return.

There are a few other options to consider, Kurt Workman with Ben Franklin Transit says they offer rides in the morning and drop off fans back to their cars in the evenings. The shuttles run at 9 a.m., 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and return passengers to their respective Transit Centers 15 minutes after the last heat ends each day.

Those shuttles will be available from the following locations:

  • 22nd Street Transit Center, Pasco
  • Knight Street Transit Center, Richland
  • Huntington Transit Center, Kennewick

The cost to take the bus is $1.50 for each individual or $4.00 for a Family up to 5, you will also be charged each way and you must pay cash when taking the bus. If you are worried about an emergency or have to leave early for some reason, Workman says they do have a few shuttles around the park that can leave earlier and take people back to their cars.

Powell says they also have a drop-off location on the Kennewick side for taxis and Ubers, with Rad Cab being the official taxi of the event.

Don’t grab your bikes, scooter or skateboard, it will not be allowed in the park.