Oregon Lawmakers push for ban on anonymous legislation

Oregon House Republican Leader Mike McLane wants to require lawmakers to put their names on any legislation they propose.

Republicans in Salem want lawmakers to start signing their name to any bills they sponsor. Oregon House Republican Leader Mike McLane says voters should know who is launching bill to add a coffee tax, and to add fees for owning used cars

Not because of we’ve had problems before, but because of what’s happened in this session,” McLane said while addressing the House of Representatives this week. “We need to put our name on it so the public knows where these ideas are coming from.”

Under current House rules, any committee can introduce legislation with only the name of the committee listed as a sponsor. Last year, the House passed a bill banning anonymous amendments.

“Whatever myriad of types of bills that are being introduced, they’re causing complete outrage,” McLane said, encouraging constituents to continue contacting their law makers to share their opinions on those laws they don’t believe are necessary. “We need to put our name on it. I believe that’s the best way we can all serve our constituents– all be transparent.”