Outlook property owner fined $28,000 after 2015 oil spill

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An Outlook property owner received a $28,000 penalty after an oil spill from an above-ground storage tank in March of 2015.

Washington Department of Ecology says 2,700 gallons of oil was lost from the tank, some of which spread 12 miles of the Yakima River. The oil also spread down seven miles of Sulphur Creek. Officials say the oil damaged property after spreading through an underground tank and down the river.

The department of Ecology also says dozens of ducks and geese died despite bird-rehabilitation efforts.  The spill also impacted important wetlands, Yakama Nation reservation lands, and threatened a fish hatchery.

The property owner released a statement in a press release saying, “We regret this incident occurred and we’re working closely with Ecology on next steps to get our land cleaned up,” said Ward Deaton of Deaton Land LLC.

Officials say Deaton now has 30 days to pay the penalty or file an appeal with the state’s Pollution Control Hearings Board.