Pasco police: Short standoff after man makes suicidal threats

Police outside a home off Alvina Ct. in Pasco attempting to get the man inside to come out peacefully. (June 14,. 2017)

Police in Pasco spent some time trying to negotiate with a man who reportedly made suicidal threats.

Sgt. James Thompson says they were called out to a home Wednesday evening for a domestic disturbance, but when they arrived officers say the man inside the home refused to come out. Police say he also made suicidal statements and that lead to a standoff with officers for about an hour.

When officers investigated further, they uncovered that the man may have been destroying his own property and that is why they were called out. Thompson says they decided not to press the issue and cause a potentially lethal situation, so officers left the area.

Police monitored the home overnight to make sure nothing changed. Officers say the man still could be charged with domestic violence and malicious mischief charges.