Rate hike approved for Benton PUD customers

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Benton PUD customers can expect a slight increase to their bill in October. A 1.9% rate increase has been approved for Benton PUD customers starting on the first of the month.

Officials say the added costs is because the Bonneville Power Administration raised its rate by 5.4%

The Benton PUD says the rate will now increase from 55 cents per day to 62 cents per day.  The residential rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) will remain the same. So for the average customer the monthly bill will increase from approximately $113.40 to $115.50 (a 1.9 percent increase).

PUD explained why the BPA’s rates continue to increase in a statement, “BPA’s wholesale rates continue to rise primarily due to decreasing wholesale market prices. BPA uses revenues from selling excess energy into the wholesale market to offset rates charged to utilities. Lower wholesale market prices result in lower wholesale market revenues to offset these rates.”

Benton PUD’s last revenue increase was 4.9% in September 2016.