Robbery victim thought he was making a love connection

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Kennewick Police are investigating a robbery that the victim thought was going to be a love connection.

Police say a man arranged to meet with a woman he had met online, and ended up being robbed. Officers were called out to a hotel in the 1100 block of N. Columbia Center Blvd. at about 1:20 Thursday morning. The victim told police that the woman had asked him to meet her at the hotel. When he arrived, the woman, along with a man and another woman, robbed him. They got away his car keys, wallet, and cell phone.

Officers were still on the scene when the woman, 19-year old Alyson R. Hill returned to the hotel. She was taken into custody, and detectives got a warrant to search her car and hotel room. The victims car keys were recovered, but the other items are still missing.

Hill was booked into Benton County Jail for Robbery. Police haven’t identified the other suspects.