Seven initiatives could be on WA ballot

First political organization to turn in needed signatures for I-1433 to be on ballot. Courtesy: WA Secretary of State Office

A coalition turned in the first initiative with 360,000 signatures on Wednesday “virtually” guaranteed a spot on the ballot. It would raise minimum wage in the state to $13.50 by 2020.

All total seven initiatives could be voted on this November, which is above average compared to years past.

David Ammons with the Secretary of State office says out of the over 100 initiatives submitted this year, typically only two or three get the needed nearly 300,000 signatures.

Ammons say two initiatives to the legislature have already guaranteed a spot on the ballot. Which means the legislature either rejected or refuse to act on the proposed initiative, and so it must be placed on the ballot at the next state general election.

“It is very interesting to see how much people still are in love with the initiative process from the far left to the far right if you will on the political spectrum, and it is definitely the way we do legislation in our state,” says Ammons.

Thursday, Ammons says they have an appointment with a group on an initiative banning gun ownership from “at risk” people. On Friday, he says three other initiatives are set to be turned in, including the transgender bathroom bill.

Here are the following initiatives set to be turned into the Secretary of State office with needed signatures and could/will be on the ballot:

I-732- The bill would create a carbon taxes on some fossil-fuels and reduce the sales taxes by 1 percentage-point over two years

I-735-Petitioning for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision on campaign fundraising

I-1433-Raises the states minimum wage to $13.50 by 2020

I-1491- Bar gun sales and ownership from those who are at risk or have protection orders against them

I-1464-Creating a state-funded campaign finance program

I-1501 -Increasing penalties for criminal identity theft and consumer fraud targeting seniors and vulnerable individuals

I-1515- “Bathroom” Initiative, which would overturn the state rule and bar transgender people from entering a bathroom of the gender they identify with