Teen dies after going into Columbia River

A water pump near Rd. 80 in Pasco had to be shut down because it was putting an electrical current into the water near where a 15-year old boy went into the Columbia River and didn't resurface.

A 15-year old boy died Thursday night after he went into the Columbia River and never resurfaced.

According to Pasco Police, the teen’s friend called 911 at about 8:30 p.m., after the boy had been under the water for about five minutes. Officers arrived and found the teen after a ten minute search. He was taken to Kadlec where he was pronounced dead. No information about the boy’s identity has been released as of Friday morning.

Two firefighters received electrical shocks while trying to recover the boy. A pump house near Road 80 may have had an electrical short, and crews had to break into the pump and shut it off in order to safely reach the teen. The firefighters were not seriously hurt. The coroner’s office will try to determine whether the electricity played a role in the boy’s death.