Tri-Cities couple bringing interactive murals to Kennewick park

Renee Lewis looking at a potential building to be part of the interactive mural project for their Creative Tri-Cities project. (Courtesy:

To help revitalize the western end of Columbia Park, a local couple is launching an effort to paint interactive murals on the buildings.

Co-Founder Renee Lewis of the “Bored in Tri-Cities” Instagram says she and her husband started out highlighting other events and things you can do in the area, but now they’d like to help launch a few of their own projects.

One of those projects involves painting murals on park buildings which Lewis says look rather abandoned. The interactive murals would be something similar to the “Angel Wings,” on the back on of the Richland Players building.

“Taking care of it ourselves and taking some ownership over that end of the park, hopefully getting a lot more people down there and promoting the park by taking pictures in front of the murals and putting them on social media,” says Lewis.

Lewis says they have already pitched the idea to the Kennewick Arts Commission and said they loved it. She says now they are just waiting on the approval for which buildings they can paint. In the meantime they are asking for any artist or community members who want to help paint and take part in the project, to reach out on their website.