Want to be an extra? ’80s-themed movie trailer filming in Richland

Poster for the movie, “Turn It Up,” which is filming scenes for its crowdfunding trailer in Richland Aug. 19-20th. (Courtesy: “Turn It Up”)

“Trans Ams,” big hair and the rock music, Richland will be transported back to the ’80s next weekend when a film crew is in town.

Richland-native Michael Charboneau is fundraising to get his movie started by filming a crowdfunding trailer in Richland. Directing and producing, Charboneau says his comedy movie is called “Turn It Up,” and tells the story of six guys from a small town trying to chase the dream of becoming a hit rock and roll band.

The film is running on a low-budget, and most the money raised will be used for song rights. To help make it more of a reality, Charboneau says they have found some 80’s icons who support his venture. He spoke with Newsradio610KONA from Florida on Thursday filming an endorsement with Seattle-native Steve Lynch, a guitarist from the 1980’s band Autograph.

“The name of the movie is “Turn it Up,” the title song for the movie is “Turn Up the Radio,” and that is Steve Lynch and his band Autograph. They love the music and they want to see this movie out there,” says Charboneau.

Guitarist Steve Lynch, from the 80’s band Autograph, filming an endorsement for funding  of the movie, “Turn it Up,” created by Richland-native Michael Charboneau. (Courtesy: “Turn it Up”/Michael Charboneau)

He says the crew will be in the Tri-Cities August 19th and 20th shooting several scenes for the trailer. The largest of which will be August 20 from 1-4 p.m. He says they will be shutting down a block of Swift near the Tumbleweeds Restaurant for an 80’s car cruise.

“The great thing, especially about the area we chose, it looks like the 1980’s and so it fits. You don’t have to go out and paint walls and change signs,” says Charboneau.

Charboneau adds all the stores along that stretch of road have been supportive of his efforts. Cool Desert Nights Car & Motorcycle show also put out a call for classic 80’s cars to be used in the scene.

“We will have people dressed in 1980’s attire, we’ll have cars from the 1980’s, music blasting and all kinds of fun scenes made with that,” says Charboneau.

He adds they are still looking for extras for the shoot on August 20th. The 18 to 27-year-old crowd is invited to come out and if you are a bit older, but look younger, or are a bit younger and look older, Charboneau says they might use you as well. All extras are encouraged to sign up on their Facebook page and are asked to dress in 80’s attire.

The Crowdfunding campaign has not been started yet, but Charboneau says they have some surprises for fans of the 80’s era rock. You can follow the Facebook page for the latest details about the future film.