Yakima metal water bottle startup represents Washington in DC

Liberty Bottleworks sets up inside the White House for the "Made in America" week. (Courtesy: Liberty Bottleworks)

A metal water bottle company in Yakima is representing Washington Monday in the other Washington (Washington D.C.) for the “Made in America” product showcase at the White House.

Liberty Bottleworks was funded by private donors when it started in 2011, since then the company works to provide all American made recyclable bottles.  The company is also posting all about their trip on Facebook.

Oregon was represented by Leupold and Stevens out of Beaverton which creates rifle sights and scopes.

One company from each of the 50 states is picked to show off their product. The showcase is part of President Donald Trump’s “Made in America” week, hoping to promote things made right here in our country. While campaigning and afterward, Mr. Trump pledged to bring back U.S. manufacturing jobs lost to technological innovation and outsourcing.