Brothers use chore earnings to pay off school lunch accounts

Three brothers pooled together their earnings from chores and used the $500 to pay off lunch accounts at the school. (Photo: Paul Chartrand)

Three West Richland brothers walked into the office of White Bluffs Elementary principal Paul Chartrand’s office Tuesday morning and presented him with a jar of money.

“They had about $500 that they had been saving up all year, and they wanted to use the money to pay off outstanding school lunch accounts,” Chartrand said.

Twins Robert and Daniel are in third grade, their younger brother Jacob is in first grade.

“They said that they had saved up their money all year long, and the wanted to pay off any outstanding student lunch balances at White Bluffs.”

Chartrand says the generous donation won’t take care of the whole amount of money owed for school lunches, but the boys’ contribution is still a tremendous gift.

“They wanted to make sure that everyone went home for the summer happy, and didn’t have to worry about paying off their lunch balances,” Chartrand said. “No amount of kindness should ever be overlooked.”