FEMA holds camp to prepare youth for natural disasters

FEMA is looking for 40 teens grades 8 through 12 for a Youth Preparedness Camp in August.

Federal Preparedness Coordinator for FEMA Region 10 Scott Zaffram said teens will learn valuable survival skills for several major disaster scenarios, such as earthquakes, volcanic activity and floods.

“Through the process they also learn some life-critical skills that we should all probably know such as CPR and first aid” said Zaffram.

Zaffram also explained preparedness is especially important when major disasters affect first responders too.

“They may not show up for a local disaster for days. We know, such as in the Cascadia Subduction Zone or some of the larger quakes that we have in the Pacific Northwest, that the first responders are not going to be showing up for weeks perhaps because they have their own families and their own infrastructure damage.” stated Zaffram, “If we can start changing the generational focus on preparedness so that the youth are ready and understanding what the risk is and they feel compelled to take action and to support their community, then we are going to make incremental progress over the next decade as this becomes the new norm.”

The 6-day camp is in Stanwood, Washington. Teens representing Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska will be selected to attend.

To apply, visit the FEMA website. The deadline to register is March 15th.

(Kyle Lamb contributed to this article.)

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  1. Boy Scouts did the same thing and it didn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

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