Finley Elementary School students have a chilly start to the day

(Photo: Finley School District)

Maintenance crews with the Finley School District had to get creative after the heating system failed at Finley Elementary School Thursday morning.

The district issued an explanation of the problem, saying that workers discovered a leak in the pump that supplies fluid to the HVAC system at the school.

That leak forced the HVAC units offline, and with single digit temperatures outside, indoor temperatures rapidly dropped in some classrooms.

Maintenance staff reset the system and got the heat moving throughout the building.

Space heaters were also placed in different areas in the building, helping to return the temperatures to comfortable levels.

Students whose classrooms were too cold were combined with other classrooms.

The school district is working with an HVAC vendor to repair the system.

The Family Learning Fair and Kindergarten Open House originally scheduled for the evening of Thursday, February 7th has been canceled.

Parents who are concerned about their children can pick up students from the elementary school at any time.

For more information, please contact Bryan Long at the District Office at 586-3217.

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