Kennewick man recovers stolen park musical instrument on Craigslist

(Courtesy: Jason Watson/Facebook)

A musical instrument stolen from a Richland park over a year ago is back where it belongs, all thanks to a Kennewick man.

Jason Watson, who is an art commissioner for the city, says he was on Craigslist in November and spotted a yellow imbarimba being sold for $20. Originally, he thought it might be a smaller imbarimba, but when he arrived at the seller’s home, he recognized it was the stolen $5000 park piece.  He says he bought the piece, worried it might disappear if he didn’t.

According to a post on ellenNation, Watson says he turned it over to the police department in November so they could try and figure out who originally stole the instrument. He says unfortunately police hit a dead end and decided to return the instrument to the park this week.

Watson’s story is now going viral, with hundreds of shares on his Facebook page.

Back in September of 2016, the city says vandals hit Howard Amon Park, stealing the imbarimba, damaging a zip line, and vandalized a Park Ranger vehicle. A soccer net was also destroyed in a nearby park.

The imbarimba, similar to a xylophone, was put into the park in May of 2016 and was one of many instruments the city had hoped to install.