Man arrested after bringing shotgun onto CBC campus

An 18-year old man is in custody in Franklin County after police say he brought a shotgun onto the school’s property Thursday night.

Officer Brian Vaught with Pasco Police says the call first came in as a fire alarm at around 8:30 pm.

“Security initially thought it was a fire alarm malfunctioning, but they were able to check and see that an alarm was pulled,” said Vaught.

At least one building was evacuated. Vaught says there were some night classes underway, and a small event that involved about 20 people who all left the building when the alarm sounded.

While investigating, security came across a suspicious male who was later found to have a firearm in his possession.

“He appeared to be under the influence of intoxicants, and was difficult to understand, but he seemed to be looking for specific individual.”

Police arrested Jose Amezola for burglary and attempted assault. He’s being held in the Franklin County Jail.