Man wanted in connection with Pasco robbery

A man walked into a Pasco business Thursday and demanded money at gunpoint.

Pasco Police are looking for a man who walked into a Pasco business Thursday morning, and demanded money at gunpoint.

The man, wearing sunglasses, a black stocking cap, black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans approached the clerk with an item to purchase… then displayed a handgun.

The clerk handed over some cash and the suspect fled the scene.

One person was detained and questioned in regard to the theft, and was released.

Officers used K9s to try trailing the man, but weren’t successful.

Police say the suspect has a neck tattoo which wasn’t visible on surveillance photos that were released.

2 Comments on "Man wanted in connection with Pasco robbery"

  1. Jeff Bradshaw | April 12, 2018 at 12:09 PM |

    Damn that’s an ugly mother&$+!?… no wonder he’s robbing… .. as cold as it is it’s likely he will continue to hide under that hat and behind those glasses … as easy as that seemed for him , however nervous he may or may not have been …. for sure he got high over it … when he realized how little money he received , my guess is , as dumb as this fool is( and ugly holy hell) he knows how to solve his money problems now. After all just think of all the opportunities in the business world ( don’t try this kids, he’s gunna die , go to prison , or … that’s about all that can happen … ) my point is .. be vigilant if some walks into a store with their face covered ( the story said he got something to purchase ) face covered … with a black hat( looks like his clothes mostly black, ) prob from all that darkness in the closet.. … I hope he comes out to see the light in the right place with a vigilant citizen… in a way that forever changes his mind . Pray for him to be spotted before his next charade .. I bet sometimes he even doesn’t find the break at the counter and possibly aborts an attempt … watch for it . ( these are my thoughts ) thank you for reading

  2. Brad Jeffries | April 12, 2018 at 12:24 PM |

    Does that make any cents? .. I was under the impression glasses and stocking hats came off in a store …( especially if at night ) maybe he will just trip and fall … and land in his left over ruptured bubble of confidance.. after having Built it up by sharing with somebody . Somebody need to put a first aid kit at the bottom of the ugly tree ( as a reminder ) oh and STAY OUT OF THE GENE POOL… last thing we need is baby those things mucking up our prison mirrors . You can’t miss that’s a special kind of ugly . His bubble will burst and when it does I hope he pees himself and nobody gets hurt. Sincerly . Ps . Put one of those new find it locater chips inside a roll of ones with a twenty around it and a lot of rubber bands holding it securely tight… and I’m guessing that no matter how long it takes him to run a mile …. he’s gunna go awhile (maybe as long as ten minutes?) … which could help to isolate his local after his expended energy placing you hot on his trail when he’s tired . (Tired of being ugly) wow.

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