Snow runoff leads to flooding along Richland waterfront

High water along the Columbia River is causing flooding along the riverfront in Richland. Parks Manager Phil Phinard encourages park-goers to stay away from flooded areas.

Snow melt and other runoff is creating high water conditions along the Columbia River in Richland.

Parks and Public Facilities Manager Phil Pinard with the City of Richland says there is flooding at most of the riverfront parks in the city.

“There’s not a lot we can do right now. We’re going to try to sandbag if we need to the volleyball courts, and anything else we come across that we can still protect from any water damage.”

Pinard says there are signs warning about the high water on the walkways. He recommends that everyone stay out of the water, which is very murky, and filled with a lot of debris.

“We’ve gotten most of the trails signed for water over the pathways,” said Pinard. “I can’t say we have every location marked or blocked off, so avoid any trail that’s under water. You don’t know if there’s been washouts or erosion.”